by Niraj Zade

Software tools for the busy professional

Quick and brainless tools to quickly create software, analyze data, create APIs, websites and quickly host them.

To get things done fast: cheaply and reliably; while using minimum brain power. This is a highly opionated list that I have ended up with over the years.

Data environment setup


Huge datatsets

Quickly understand datasets

Sharing datasets/reports

Api and web development


Domain registration

Deploying to cloud

Notice how I didn't mention aws? Because aws USES UP BRAINPOWER. It's a solid choice for professinals. But not in in the initial stages when you quickly ned to go from 0 to 80. And don't even ask about the amount of money I have lost simply because a service didn't get shut down properly, or some weird hidden checkbox stayed checked and aws kept charging little money every month.

Quickly creating data dashboards

Quickly create crud apps

The rule of thumb is: use whatever you are right now most comfortable with. However, there are some options which help to bang out stuff really really fast.

Quickly create apis


Data backup

Quick notes and tips

Google services

It's an abusive girlfriend. Don't get too attached.

Docker, kubernetes etc

Browser extensions

Pdf readers

Operating system

Why not windows?

Windows10 is a pain to live with. The dev environment is a pain to set up: Add to path, manage registry etc. Also updating things is a pain. Just try a mainstream linux distro once(I recommend Ubuntu. Plain and simple.) and windows will suddenly become insanely painful to use.

There are very few reasons to stick to windows:

My personal reason:

I don't like windows since windows 10. That thing updates a lot, constantly demands reboots to apply updates, and sometimes takes hours to apply compulsory updates. I finally stopped using it when it forcefully restarted one night while I was in flow working on something, and locked away the computer for an hour while updating it. I got very very angry and immediately downloaded ubuntu. Win7 was great, Win10 is a pain.

Code management